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  • Read more Firmus Solutions in Cobouw newspaper
    Lightweight crane in Container presented...
  • Read more Demonstration day 2012 was successful
    FS has held an event on the 8th of November: DEMO 2012.
  • Read more Railways strive for sustainability..
  • Read more Hybrid locos for SBB Cargo
    Photo: SBB. Sustainability and efficiency. Swiss Federal Railways'SBB Cargo has christened the first of its order for 30 hybrid locomotives and put it into operation..
  • Read more Partnership with Neitraco
    Neitraco Engineering BV, part of the Neitraco group and Firmus Solutions BV have signed an exclusive development and distribution agreement to join forces in development and distribution sustainable solutions for the European market.
  • Read more Make your business more Sustainable
    Successful businesses are those that plan for long-term, sustainable development, taking into account the social and environmental impacts of their activities. An effective approach to developing sustainable products and services takes into account their whole life cycle - from initial design to final disposal.
  • Read more Take your strategy to the Next step
    For many companies, the sustainability program begins with a corporate “Green Team.” This group - often a multifunctional mix and often a volunteer effort - brainstorms ideas for green initiatives, then carries them out in various ways, ranging from hidden skunkworks projects to those with full executive blessing and funding. Many companies go through the initial year of setting goals and completing some of the low-hanging-fruit projects that could be done with relatively little investment of time or money. But moving on to Phase II projects, which require more stakeholder commitment, money and time, is not always as easy.
  • Read more Exclusive distribution agreement with Linq Systems
    Linq Systems BV and Firmus Solutions have signed an exclusive distribution agreement of lightweight overhead cranes for use in containers, garages, or in a bus/van.